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Thursday 28th October, 2021
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Fadings Global Energy is the leading indigenous provider of integrity test and calibration sevices.

The company commission new iron, iron refurbishment, iron rental services, high-pressure manifold recertification, high-pressure manifold periodic maintenance, high-pressure manifold refurbishment and BOP testing

»» Chiksan, all weco products , pipes and well head equipments. Which include. Plug valve, check valve, swivel joints, wing unions, pup joints, elbows, crossover, and lateral.
»» Testing and refurbishment of xmas tree, tubing spool, tubing hanger, gate valves, Lubricators.
»»Ultrasonic Wall thickness check to ensure compliance with manufacturers specification.
»» Complete disassembly of all items and repacking
»» NDT Inspection and evaluation process on pipes , crossovers , flanges etc
»» Complete Rental of all flow line equipments

We set our core values that define who we are, shape our business and establishes our esteemed position in the industry. The core values are;
• Safety
• Integrity
• Customer
• Quality

We strive to protect the health and safety of our people and the environment creating a sustainable process that promotes health and environment of the communities where we operate.

We always act ethically, lawfully and in accordance with our values. We always abide by our words and never comprise values for results.

Exceeding our customer’s expectation is our ultimate goal. We help our customer succeed why ensuring we deliver an excellent services based on their requirements.

We make quality our habit. Adhering to requirements, standard operating procedures and avoiding waivers and short cuts. We always aim to develop, implement and maintain zero defect process.

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:: Marine hose test unit
:: Pressure testing and consultancy

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