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Thursday 28th October, 2021
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Frac Gate Valves
Frac valves -ball screw gate valves are a type of large bore high pressure gate valves which were improved from Cameron FLS-R gate valves, they are the main components of frac tree, these high performance, bi-directional frac valves are idea valves for extremely high pressure, critical service application on frac stack, production trees and manifolds.

• Low torque operation: 50% to 75% lower than conventional ACME mechanical screw stems
• Full bore design
• Integrally forged body
• Gate to seat, seat to body, bonnet seal and stem backseat are metal to metal sealings
• The sealing surface of the gate are sprayed by carbide alloy at high velocity and seats are made of carbide alloy to enhance wear resistance, corrosion resistance and service life
• Both thrust bearings with large load capacity and composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing reduces operating torque

• Rated Working Pressure: 10,000psi ~ 20,000psi
• Bore Size: 4 1/16" ~ 9"
• Temperature: K ~ U
• Material Classes: EE ~ HH
• End connections: flange
• Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL3G
• Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2

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