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Thursday 28th October, 2021
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Pressure Testing Activities
Fadings Global Energy has a large range of equipment to meet our clients pressure testing and related needs. Fadings Global Energy provides a number of services in Nigeria both on and offsite. Overseas work is also accommodated upon request.

Pressure testing and related activities include:

• Hydrostatic testing of piping, hoses, valves, vessels and fittings to 413 MPa (39,900 psi).
• Pneumatic testing of piping, hoses, valves, vessels and fittings to 100 MPa (14,500 psi).
• Pressure Safety Relief Valves
• Bolt torquing
• Bolt tensioning
• Reinstatement
• Chemical cleaning, including Pickling and Passivation.
• Desiccant and Vacuum Drying.
• Flushing.
• Nitrogen Purging.
• Data based test pack development and Database Certification tracking.

Pressure Relief Valves
Fadings Global Energy fully equipped mobile Pressure Relief valve facilities. This mobile service provides our clients with the convenience of onsite PSV/PRV activities which saves time and money compared with the need to send valves offsite. PSV Services Include:
• Lift Testing • Leak Testing
• Inspection • Certification
• Reseating • Lapping
• Repairs • Reconditioning

Fadings Global Energy Pressure Control Division runs a testing facility to the range of services already on offer from our Port Harcourt facility. The introduction of pressure testing will enable our clients to have all flow line products third party tested and certified by well trained personnel.
Facility is configured to enable pressure testing at up 25,000psi test pressure.

Offshore service inspection
Improved operational safety due to regular inspection of equipment by certified personnel
Equipment data base assist in ensuring planned maintenance/inspection is carried out at the prescribed intervals.
Ensures compliance with statutory requirements without the need to ship equipment to other areas .
Potential lower operating costs
Potential extension of equipment service life .

• Plug Valve • Loop
• Pup Joint • Crossovers
• Elbows • Swivel Joints
• Chokes • Y and T Piece/Lateral
In addition to onsite pressure testing Fadings Global Energy also provides clients with a range of mechanical services to assist in project completion and leak free start up.
Fadings Global Energy
mechanical services include:
• Bolt torquing
• Bolt tensioning
• Reinstatement
• Installations
• Flange Re-facing

Contact Fadings Global Energy for more information on pressure testing services or to leave feedback.

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