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Thursday 13th August, 2020
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Pump System Design

Design and engineering of fluid and gas pumping systems is the basis of the expertise of Fraser Pump and Engineering. The is experienced in designing systems for hazardous and extreme environments, for many industrial sectors including upstream oil and gas production, petrochemical processes, wastewater, marine and food.

General Systems
:: Borehole and borehole pump installations.
:: Overhaul, repair and engineering maintenance services for large and small plant.
:: Lake water environmental improvement.
:: Hydro-pneumatic water boosting pump sets.
:: Hydraulic and water flow consultancy.

Scientific/test Systems
:: Metering and dosing pumps.
:: Pressure and vacuum test sets.
:: Vacuum pumps.

Industrial Systems
:: Condensate recovery sets
:: Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and pumping systems.
:: Boiler feed pump sets.
:: Hydraulic pump sets and control systems.
:: Lubrication systems.
:: Pipeline pigging systems.
:: Hydraulic jacking sets.
:: Compressors and compressed air installations.
:: Product blending systems.

Utility Systems
:: Sewage and slurry pumps.
:: Storm water/surface water drainage pumps.

Pump System
:: Flushing and Marine Pumps

:: Pump System Design

Pressure Testing

:: Marine hose test unit
:: Pressure testing and consultancy